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How to Write for Profit Using the Internet

a home study course from

The Writers Bureau


The Writers Bureau is part of the STT group of colleges



Learn how to write for the Internet


For a writer, the Internet is an invaluable tool. Used properly, it will save you time, money and help you sell more work! At the click of a mouse you’ll have access to international editors, publishers, booksellers, resources for research and millions of potential readers. This means you can get more work published, boost your income and achieve your personal writing goals.

If you want to earn more from your writing by using the Internet, this course will show you how! It’s ideal for writers looking for more work.

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Code: STSK      Course Fees: £224
Easy Payment Terms:
£50 deposit plus £18 postage and packing = £68 then 3 payments of £58 making £242 in all

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Writing for the Internet

The Internet is a vast global resource that is growing all the time. There are over 800 million users of the Internet and more than 8 billion web pages – and somebody is writing copy for all of these pages.

That person could be you, and with the help of this course we believe that you will be in the perfect position to create your own niche in this huge international market.

If you are a new writer, this course has the added advantage of providing the perfect environment from which you can develop a cuttings file and begin to establish a name for yourself.

All you need is the commitment to study the lessons in the course and to put what you learn into practice – to start earning your share.

Writing for the Internet offers boundless possibilities for all writers – and we’ll show you how to profit from them.

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This course is designed to help you boost your writing career by using the Internet and will not teach you the basics of how to write. If you have never written anything before and you are looking for writing tuition then our Certificate in Creative Writing course may be more suitable for you.

Your Tuition

One of the key aspects to getting the most out of your course is the quality of your tuition. All STT tutors are experienced in teaching by distance learning and have been specially trained by us to help you.

Your tutor for this course will be an experienced published writer who is adept at marketing their work on the Internet. It is their job to help you in any way they can to make your work publishable.

You will be advised, as needed, on:

• your style
• the subject matter
• the presentation
• grammar
• how to improve your work – if improvement is necessary
• how to avoid the common errors and mistakes that so many beginners make

Your tutor will give you constructive comment and will help you be objective and realistic in your approach to your work. At the same time they will provide motivation and encouragement.

We have brought together a professional tuition service and an effective course so that you can work towards a Certificate in Writing for the Internet. Not only will you gain a Certificate, you’ll also gain confidence in your writing abilities, a deeper knowledge of how publishing on the Internet works and, hopefully, earn some money.


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Who Should Take This Course?

The course is suitable for anyone who wants boost their writing career using the Internet. It is not for beginners.

If you have never written anything before and you are looking for writing tuition then our Creative Writing course will be more suitable for you.

Entry Requirements

No previous qualifications or experience are needed to enrol. However, this course is designed for those whose writing is already up to publishable standard.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to show you how to get the most out of using the Internet.

You will learn how to:

• research the best paying markets
• market your work effectively
• earn more from each piece by selling appropriate rights

We also give you practical suggestions that can make all the difference between rejection and success.

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Follow-on Training

We have a whole range of other writing courses you may wish to try once you have mastered writing for the Internet.
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Because we have full confidence in the course and tuition service, we are able to make your enrolment as risk free as possible by giving you this double guarantee:

1. You have the course on 15-day inspection. If you are not completely satisfied with it, just return it within 15 days of receipt and your money will be refunded in full.

2. We will give you a £10 refund for every written assignment that is not assessed properly by your tutor (failing agreement between us arbitration is available).

Start Studying Right Away When You Enrol Online

Anyone can enrol on this course. You do not need any special qualifications or background and you can start whenever it suits you.

There is no fixed enrolment date so you can start as soon as you are ready. Plus, you can study where and when you like – in the UK or abroad, at home, in the library or at work.

And, by enrolling online you can be studying in just five minutes. The first sections are available as soon as your payment has been accepted.

Your course materials are sent to you by post and should arrive within seven working days in the UK or 28 working days if you are overseas.


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Code: STSK      Course Fees: £224
Easy Payment Terms:
£50 deposit plus £18 postage and packing = £68 then 3 payments of £58 making £242 in all

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Alternatively telephone our fast enrolment facility (credit/debit cards only). Just call our 24hr freephone line: 0800 856 2008 (UK only) or if you are overseas please call 44 161 819 9911 during office hours.


WB Online Student Community

As soon as you’ve enrolled you will become a member of our online student community, which is an easy way to contact other students and keep in touch with the college.

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online community click here >>>


See What Students Say

“The real turning point for me came when I signed up for the Writing for the Internet course. On studying the online publications I started to think ‘I could do that’. Subsequently I set up a series of websites and ezines which I now write for, and I earn my money from advertising.”
Jane Redfern Jones

“I was so excited about the immense potential of the Internet that I enrolled for yet another Writers Bureau course, ‘Writing for the Internet'. The course and the positive feedback from my tutor prompted me to start work on two 'How-To' e-Books – drawing on my two decades of experience in the HRM field – which were released in March 2007.”
Noel Gama, India


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Code: STSK      Course Fees: £224
Easy Payment Terms:
£50 deposit plus £18 postage and packing then 3 payments of £58 making £242 in all

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Course Summary:

Loose leaf binder


Length: 7 modules 

Number of Tutor 
Marked Assignments
: 6 
Maximum Course Time
12 months 
15 Day Trial and £10 refund if an assignment is not marked properly
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