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Diploma in Business EnglishDiploma In Business English with Spoken English

From Business Training
- an STT college



Learn how to write and speak English for business

This course has been specially written for those for whom English is a second language. It will teach you how to use English correctly in business, commercial or administrative work.

You are given extensive instruction and practice in writing English and the Spoken English tuition develops your speaking and conversational ability.

This course is for anyone wanting to improve their English skills for professional or personal reasons.

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Code: STSL      Course Fees: £154 
Easy Payment Terms:
£25 deposit then £27 per month for the following 5 months making £160 in all

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Diploma In Business English with Spoken English

Your course has been specially written for people whose first language is not English and your training is conducted totally in the English language.

You will learn how to write good English and how to avoid common errors and mistakes. Grammar is explained in a very simple way. You are shown how to develop a good writing style. You learn how to use punctuation properly, how to spell and how to develop your vocabulary. You then cover business writing and how to apply your new knowledge to your job.

You are taught the principles of business management and how to become an effective manager yourself. We also show you how to get a better job.

Your spoken English training teaches you to speak English clearly and distinctly and helps to build your confidence when talking in English to others.

The course concentrates on those aspects of English that are important to your work. The whole emphasis is on developing your skills in English, so that you improve your efficiency and achieve success in your career.

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Your Tuition

One of the key aspects to successfully completing your course is the quality of your tuition. All our tutors are experienced in teaching by distance learning and have been specially trained by us to help you.

Your tutor will give you detailed comment on your progress, and guidance for the future. You will be shown how to overcome weaknesses and reassured on your strong points. Your tutor will provide constructive comment and do everything possible to help you develop your English skills.

We have brought together a professional tuition service and an effective course so that you can work towards a Diploma in Business English and Spoken English. Not only will you gain a qualification, you’ll also gain confidence in yourself and a deeper knowledge of how businesses function.


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Who Should Take This Course?

The course is suitable for anyone who wishes to improve their English language skills.

It is particularly relevant for people working in, or who want to work in, a business environment.

Entry Requirements

A basic knowledge of English is required as the training is conducted wholly in the English language. If you can understand this website you’ll be able to understand the course.

Course Objectives

You will develop your written and spoken English in a business context.

You learn how to write:

• Business letters
• Reports
• Memos
• Faxes
• Emails

Plus you learn:


• how companies are organized
• principles of management
• how to increase efficiency
• how to be an effective manager

Your spoken English tuition helps you to speak English clearly and distinctly. You have plenty of practice and speech exercises to do. By the time you have finished you should have plenty of confidence in your spoken English.


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Your DiplomaBusiness English Diploma

On the successful completion of your course you will be awarded a Diploma in Business English from Business Training. To qualify for your Diploma you must obtain an average mark of 50% on your examination papers throughout the course. When your average mark is 66% to 75% a Diploma with Credit is awarded. An average mark of over 75% qualifies you for a Diploma with Distinction.

Follow-on Training

Your Diploma in Business English with Spoken English means you’ll be qualified to take Business Training’s follow-on course: the Diploma in Advanced Business English.


There are three guarantees for this course. These state:

1. You have the first sections of your course, on trial, for a full month. If you do not like them, send them back, and the money you have paid will be refunded in full. This gives you plenty of opportunity to inspect the course, and satisfy yourself that it is the right training for you!

2. If your first examination paper indicates that your English is not good enough to understand the course we will tell you so and refund the money you have paid. This does not happen very often, but occasionally it is necessary. You can then do some more basic training and come back to us at a later date.

3. If you complete your course and do not achieve your Diploma qualification we will refund your fees in full.

Start Studying Right Away When You Enrol Online

Anyone can enrol on this course. You do not need any special qualifications or background and you can start whenever it suits you.

There is no fixed enrolment date so you can start as soon as you are ready. Plus, you can study where and when you like – in the UK or abroad, at home, in the library or at work.

And, by enrolling online you can be studying in just five minutes. The first sections are available as soon as your payment has been accepted.

Your course materials are sent to you by post and should arrive within seven working days in the UK or 28 working days if you are overseas.


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Code: STSL      Course Fees: £154

Easy Payment Terms:
£25 deposit then £27 per month for the following 5 months making £160 in all

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Online Student Community

As soon as you’ve enrolled you will become a member of our online student community, which is an easy way to contact other students and keep in touch with the college.

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online community click here >>>

See What Students Say

“I established a communication centre after my training and used the skills and knowledge acquired during my training to win many customers. This increased my profits by 60%.”
Haruna Abiba, Ghana


“Through the experience, skills and English that I have learnt I have been able to get a better job and my salary is also up by 40%.”
Servina Daiboli, Malaysia.

“I really enjoyed my course. After receiving my Diploma in Business English I was promoted to Stock Manager. I have gained more confidence in myself and I can communicate very well with customers. This course has helped me a lot in achieving my goals and building my career.”
Shahana Shrw Nisha, Fiji.

“Excellent course materials.”
Paula-Ann Lee-Smith, Jamaica.

“The Business English course helped me tremendously in improving my English and communication skills. As a result I have passed the G.C.E English. This is a great accomplishment for me as I have been struggling with English for a long time.”
Ian Lynch, USA.

“When I received the Diploma in Business English with Distinction I was promoted and my salary immediately increased by 40%.”
Paias Leigi, Papua New Guinea.


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Code: STSL      Course Fees: £154 
Easy Payment Terms:
£25 deposit then £27 per month for the following 5 months making £160 in all

Enrol Now

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Course Summary:

7 books, 3 cassette tapes and 3 study booklets with full transcripts


Length: 7 modules 

Number of Tutor 
Marked Assignments
: seven 
Study Time
200 hours (about 1 year at only four hours study per week) 
Maximum Course Time
2 years 
A month trial, refund if your English is not good enough and refund if not successful
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